The CIL Sales at CIB - Semiramis Branch took 250 LE after cancelling this CIL without my knowledge

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On 12/11/2009 I went to the bank for a creditcard issue, and they offered me the CIL with the responsible person named "MAY" at the Branch. She told me about all the CIL benefits & different types of it. Then I asked her to send me on my e-mail this sheet to review it and to decide & I told her if am going to make this insurance i will start it as of the first of Januray not this month. She said ok sure and by the way it will take a time for the issue almost 15 days. She also asked me to fill in the application & then we will procced and actually i did so, but when i signed i only thought that this is only an application, She DIDN'T MENTION THAT AM SIGNING a TRANSFER AGREEMENT FROM MY ACCOUNT TO THE CIL.

Second, after I saw the calculations on my e-mail next day, i decided not to proceed with this CIL & I forgot the matter. On 18/11/2009 I found DHL sending me the policy so i refused to receive it & went to the BANK to MAI & told her that I want to cancel it because of financial reasons. she said, "I CAN'T CANCEL IT BECAUSE AT MY COMAPNY THEY WILL SAY THAT MY SELLING WASNT RIGHT". I told her its not my problem i dont need it, she said ok I will talk to them & feed you back. BUT ACTUALLY WHAT HAPPENED IS THAT ON 07/12/2009 Ms. Walaa "MAI's Supervisor" called m,e to ask for more data & I told her that i already canceled it. She said ok but the first amount that was taken from your account on 15/11/2009 will not be refundable. I was surprised because this was the first time for me to know that an amount of 250 LE has been taken from my account.

Finally, i went to the bank to MAI she said ok i will cancel it for you & we will see regarding your money. I asked her why didn't you cancel it?, she answered bacause you didnt receive the policy. Also, I asked why you didnt mention ever to me about the money & that this amount will be taken from my account although I told you that i cant pay on DECEMBER,, i will start from January. She answered no i told U infront of CIB Branch MAnager. So am the liar "WHICH IS NOT ACCEPTABLE". So, Please i need my money back because it was taken without my permission & without my knowledge.

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Usually the CIL persons are dedicated to fuly explain the details of the insurance documents they even take a copy of the draft where they wrote their explanation as a document to prove that the client fully understood the details of the agreement

sorry i can not beleive that u were lied upon

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